Child and Parent Weekend Pottery Class

These classes are only taught January-March each year. Join your child or have them come by themselves. This great beginning class is geared for beginners and offers a fun approach to working on the potter’s wheel, also learn to use a slab roller to create handbuilt pottery. Using stoneware clay learn to use assorted textures, tools and finally get to glaze your masterpieces!

Class Details:

  • Perfect for kids and parents looking for bonding time
  • A pottery instructor, during each class
  • Clay and Firings included in class fee
Class Time: 
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Class Meets On: 
Price: $95.00
Please enter the first and last name of the student
Please let us know if a parent plans to attend with the child. An additional fee is required for a parent.
Please leave us a number we can reach you at in case of a class cancellation
If you'd like to work on specific area (centering, glazing) or you have a special project in mind (mug, teapot, platter) let us know and we can give our instructors a heads up.
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